I have been selected as one of 27 scouts to represent North Yorkshire at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan 2015.

The Jamboree is a four-yearly event where over 30,000 scouts from all over the world meet to share others’ cultures and faiths, take part in adventurous activities and grow as global citizens to tackle world issues.

The theme of the jamboree in 2015 is ‘Wa’ meaning harmony, unity, friendship and peace. The program includes a visit to Hiroshima, activities investigating global & cultural issues and differences and work helping the local community.

By going I hope to learn about peace and different cultures, make lifelong friends and succeed in a challenge – not only of being away from home for 3 weeks but of raising the money too.

This event is a once in a lifetime opportunity but this experience comes at a cost and over the next 2 years I must raise £3,020 to go.


Please click on the link on the right and keep up with my progress by following my blog. Thank you!

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Excellent website and best of luck with this challenge. Are you going to have a justgiving page?

    Mark Starbuck (a friend of your Dad’s)

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