Run 5, or should I say: Venture into the Unknown…


On Sunday me and my mum jumped into the car, excited for another normal run, or so we thought…

Leaping out and running at a decent pace, we thought we would make light work of the course from Bishopthorpe to Acaster Selby but this was not to be. As we left Acaster Malbis, the sun came out, it was HOT and HUMID 😦 there was mud everywhere!

Just as we thought we’d seen the worst, the fields got worse!!! First shin deep, cut hay and then the impassable nettles and thistles! Slowly we made the hike in what we thought was the right direction…

To put a long story short, we followed an embankment that we thought followed the river path we set out however this curved round (away from the river), but un-able to see for the bushes, thorns and thistles we carried on. It was only when we reached an abandoned airfield that we realised we were around 2 miles off course! In an in-the-moment decision, we altered our route and pick-up point. Still we went the same distance as we should have, but we finished 4 miles from the original finish!

Not a great day… 😦

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