A Year to Go and Still Running!!!

It is a year to go today till the opening ceremony begins in Japan! I’m so thankful to everyone who has donated and helped me so far and I hope that in the next year I will get just as much incredible support as I have had so far!

 Cows ahead

I’m supposed to be on cool runnings however unlike the film, I’m anything but! I struggled through the Cawood to Barlby stage on Sunday, stiff joints were to blame for an incredibly slow 10k! We were also held up by having to negotiate a herd of cows and calves – mum was worried my red shorts might attract some unwanted attention but thankfully we crept past without causing a stir!

Red shorts

I am very thankful to our second ever running partner, Helen … for staying with us and not running off and leaving me for dust! Note to self: Get training for next run. Even more grateful to her for the delicious chocolate cake we were treated to afterwards – a very welcome sight – thanks Helen!


At CawoodDSC01500

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