Its been a busy weekend already! Unit 48 went to the National Railway Museum in York where the National Scouts reporter was there, and we think we’ll be on tonights local news! We met the Sushi Steelers (Unit 47) from South Yorkshire and we even managed to get all 80 0f us onto the NRM’s Shinkansen (Bullet Train) in the 2 minutes that they stop! Believe me its hard when the door is so thin. It was great to meet another unit with whom we all got on really well; just another reason no one can wait for the Jamboree!

Having finished in the Museum, our unit split up and one half went to collect some lovely food from Betty’s (Thank you to the lovely people at Betty’s for providing it free of charge!) While the other half went to have a picture taken with Ivor the Viking at Jorvik Viking Centre.

Having sorted food, we then played a rather familiar game of York Photo Monopoly (Played at our first Unit Meeting last christmas in York). This time however, we had to tell people what we were doing, and get a photo with them and our necker (Star troopers beware!) It was great fun, but we think we got  lots of people aware of the Jamboree and what an experience it is!

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