A Long, Long Run!

Cliffe to Boothferry

It was a cold afternoon and it should have been an easy run. Helen very kindly joined us again and we wanted to keep her happy!

The route took us past the huge Drax power station and the Barmby barrage where the Derwent meets the Ouse river and which stops tides affecting and silting up the Derwent. All was looking good at this point!

IMAG1041 (533x800)IMAG1040 (533x800)


After that things got a bit tougher. The paths got harder as the grass got longer and it felt a bit like running through treacle at times. Then when the grass got shorter again and we thought all was well we found the reason for the short grass – cows!! Lots of them and they seemed very keen on getting a closer look at us. We hid behind some bushes trying not to slide into the river until the coast was clear. Phew!

Another few fields later and we saw some more cows up ahead so we tactically made a minor route change at that point. We’d already been running nearly an hour and a half and having still completed over 10k, we felt we’d done our bit for one day. Happily I now only have 2 more stages to go!

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