Unit 95 (47+48) Get together, and a rather belated post!

As I began to write a post about a unit 48-47 get together at flamingo land, I found this un-posted post, (I had forgotten to post it!) so I decided to post it first, and then write the post i was about to write anyway, so here it is:

Last weekend Unit 48 met up at Birch Hall Camp Site where we slept in the shelters provided (we didn’t camp). To be honest, sleeping in the shelters was a great idea because it was (and no longer is) February! And to all the scouts or ex-scouts who may be reading this you will know that February is not a good time to camp. Having packed lightly (considering the time of year) we all met up at the site near Scarborough. The site however, could have been on another planet as it was surrounded by hills and trees, and miles from the nearest civilisation.

On the Friday night we played a game of Tokyopoly (designed to show us the different places we might choose to go in Tokyo) and from that, I merely realised that I wanted to see a lot more than 3 days might allow!!! Our meals at the weekend were designed like those at the Jamboree. High in carbohydrates and salt for replacing energy and minerals lost over the day. And with few perishables in the high (and at this point un-imaginable) heat. It wasn’t easy but I managed to eat enough of the strange combinations! (including Jelly with chopsticks…)

The weekend was mainly activity based, with patrol entertainment, health, Hiroshima, sewing, cooking and baggage all on the agenda; It all seems to become more real each day as we get closer and closer to the opening ceremony! One of the areas that Unit 48 can do very well is entertainment, with a new dance to ‘Uptown funk’ being thought up in the space of a day! Most importantly of all, we’re all HAPPY!

So as I was saying before I discovered my forgetfulness, unit 47 and unit 48 met up at flamingo land last weekend. It was raining so heavily that people must have thought we were stupid! (And hence there were no queues!) We all enjoyed the rides and it was even better to have it as a second get together with our south Yorkshire counterparts. Although it was cold and wet, we went home excited and slightly queasy!

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