We Have KIT!!!

cat and hatA few days ago we received our issued UK Contingent kit. With huge hats and water bottles, I don’t know how we’ll fit our stuff into the bags we have received! No sooner had they been delivered but my things were attracting a lot of attention, my mum was working out how to shorten my shorts and my cat was busy stealing my hat!

I can’t wait to get wearing the kit in the Japanese sun, but was even more excited for our unit day on Saturday. On the day of the Tour de Yorkshire we were in York completing challenges, such as teaching a member of the public (or – as we chose – a Disney store worker / Jedi knight!) how to make an origami crane and giving gifts to shops. Betty’s and Millets were very happy to receive a unit badge and I hope they will now be proudly displayed in their windows – I’ll be checking next time I’m in town!

disney store crane making

It was great to be in York on the day of the Tour de Yorkshire, we had incredible fun and experienced near Tokyo level crowds! After we had finished our delicious Wagamama’s meal (getting in practice), a few of us stayed to see the amazing Yamato drummers of Japan, they were incredible and kept us in awe.

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