The 12 stages of 40 days

Recently, the 40 days mark until we fly was passed, this represents the last 12 stages…

Stage 1: Have I got everything?!

Stage 2: No I Don’t!!!

Stage 3: Amazon, Go Outdoors, and any other shop that may possibly sell a decent size micro-fibre towel or shoes that fit your awkward feet and the environment you are headed for.

Stage 4: Basically another stage 1 in which you realise that you have actually missed something really important off of the original list and must now repeat the whole process even more frantically than before as you find even more impossible items, like folding chopsticks with a short delivery time, or some way of storing valuables safely…

Stage 5: (To be ignored by scout(s)) PARENT: “What will I do for 3 weeks?” “How will I cope?”

Stage 6: Packing, the moment when you think, I’m sure I imagined that bag being fuller?

Stage 7: Is fuller even a word?

Stage 8: Check the dictionary to find out if fuller is actually a word.

Stage 9: Realise that you have actually become greatly sidetracked and so must now return to whichever job you were meant to have finished an hour ago.

Stage 10: Finally finish the required jobs.

Stage 11: Attempt (in vain) to make yourself fit the slightly large uniform.

Stage 12: Countdown to the Jamboree with the unit 48 countdown made by unit members (see if you can spot my number!) Countdown

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