7 days to go!!!!!!!!

With 7 days to go, I apologise for the lateness of my post; I have been incredibly busy preparing all of my kit for the trip to Japan!

Since the last amazing training camp, I have prepared the speech and business cards which we learnt about, and have frantically been finding all of the equipment that I have realised I do not have! At the camp, we practiced taking group photos, singing local tunes as entertainment, and making Japanese peace cranes. We were given a countdown calendar for the last 25 days, from which we were asked to make 25 cranes to take with us so that each unit would have another 1,000 to take to the peace memorial in Hiroshima. I’m not sure if it’s really so close to the event, and have to keep pinching myself to check that it is real!

In other news, our travel details have been confirmed and we will begin by taking a trip on the Wensleydale railway then spend the night in Bedale before an extremely early start to get to Manchester airport. From there we fly to Abu Dhabi before a connecting flight to Tokyo – Nagoya airport. I can’t wait to experience the sights and sounds of Tokyo after so long in a small, sterile metal tube! In fact, I can’t wait – full stop! To meet so many new people, in such a new place so far away, and to experience so many totally different cultures.

I hope to keep up with my blog whilst I am away to share some of the experiences I will be having. I hope you will follow my journey along with me!


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