It is incredible here in Japan, the heat, culture and foods are amazing, if slightly difficult to understand. It’s been a busy few days and I write this on the bullet train from Tokyo to Kirara Hama for the jamboree as it is my first chance for wifi.

Tokyo has been an incredible experience, buying gifts in an ancient market and being raised to the top of modern towers all in a city of parks and tarmac.


One of the most surprising experiences was at 11 in the evening, when 6 jet-lagged scouts had just seen an immense fireworks display, and decided not to go to MacDonald’s or a 7-11 but a small family run restaurant in a back street. Not speaking English, the single waitress served us with hand gestures and after choosing 6 courses at random we were served beef, duck, eel, pork and possibly chicken in various delicious combinations, all were scoffed rapidly by the tables guests.


This success gave the whole group new confidence to experience the “tokyoans Tokyo” eating in cheap restaurants in backstreets and using the public transport, experiencing some great moments, like a beach discovered at sunset and relaxing in the shade in Ueno Park.



I’ve got to leave now, but with a wifi dongle nearby, it won’t be long till my next post!



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