Jamboree life

Having arrived on site, we have been incredibly busy, hence the reason this post is so late! I will post more often in future!

In the last few days I have come to realise that Tokyo was cold! Apparently even the Japanese call this a heatwave! 50 degrees centigrade was measured yesterday.


I have, however acclimatised quite well, drinking lots of pocari sweat (yes, that’s right. Google it now!) We have spent our days enjoying the opening ceremony and a trip to Hiroshima, it was a beautiful city which showed the resilience of the Japanese people. After a moving trip to the museum there, our group placed the 1000 cranes we had made, in memory of the children who died in the bombing, we were given time to wander the incredible gardens, a relaxing way to collect our thoughts on the city’s sad story.



Yesterday, we took part in the global development village, choosing to learn about sustainable cities and child labour. The way in which the information was given to us; in games and conversation, were ingenious and  helpful.

This morning, we got up early. Early enough to leave at 7 for a trip to the township of Mine (me-nay). After an introduction by the mayor and the bands of local schools, we went to a local primary school to learn origami and take part in a tea ceremony with the children. A nearby cave provided an hours entertainment, walking through the cavernous halls and atmospheric lighting.



Tommorow the whole camp takes part in a cultural exchange day.

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