Nearly over :(

Having just returned to the uk, and writing the last of my “jamboree” posts, I noticed this post hadn’t posted :/ the wonders of japanese wifi! Anyhow, here it is now! The cultural exchange day that I talked about in my last blog was brilliant, we made Yorkshire tea, puddings and gravy to give to the other scouts and went to other units to experience; amongst others, Swedish, American and Brazilian life. After a quick siesta in the afternoon (a well deserved sleep) we left for a show in which there were famous Japanese bands and performers, the Japanese prime minister and a Japanese prince, as well as an aerobatic performance by a red bull air race pilot.


The next day we spent a half day in the science village where we learnt, in small groups to program robots, make solar cars and rode segways, all with practical benefits like: cutting traffic, becoming more eco-friendly and exploring distant planets.


After science, we were assigned a place to take part in our nature day, after the walk had been cancelled for safety reasons due to the heat, we travelled to mine again, this time as a whole unit, it was enjoyable to just wander through the caves without taking photos, and just to take in the amazing sights!

Yesterday, we took part in some amazing water activities, we had water fights, swam in open water and played beach volleyball, all topped off with the discovery of a Finnish sauna, in Japan!! The sauna, (reaching up to 90 degrees) consisted of hot coals which you chuck water onto to increase humidity. After sweating off all the rubbish in my skin which I had built up over the weeks, we invited a Japanese unit for entertainment and shared amazing stories of home.


This morning is a free morning before we go to learn about culture and religion. Hopefully it will be an inciteful experience; the last organised activity if my first jamboree, but with talk of volunteering for America 2019, maybe not my last!


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