My River Run Challenge

To fund my trip to Japan I need to raise a total of £3,020. I am raising this money in lots of different ways and one these is to do a sponsored run. I have chosen a challenge to run the length of the River Ouse, as it runs through my home town, York. Me and my mum will run the river in approximately 10K instalments, one every month until we have run 100km from Aldwark to Ousefleet, where the river meets the Humber Estuary. I chose this challenge as I am quite a competent runner and have run with my mum quite a few times. Being a Sea Scout I thought this challenge was great as it’s destination was very relevant. I hope to raise enough money through all the different efforts so that I can also make some contribution back to support my scout group.

Click here to sponsor me now!

The route is as follows:

1 – Linton on Ouse to Beningborough Village – 6.7 Km

9th March 2014 – the run has begun!

2 – Beningborough Village to Clifton – 9.8 Km

16th March 2014 – Run 2, Getting Going!

3 – Clifton to Bishopthorpe – 10.7 Km

5th May 2014 – Sending Me Packing or Sending Me Running?

4 – Bishopthorpe to Acaster Selby – 9.4 Km

20th July 2014 – Venture into the Unknown

5 – Cawood to Barlby – 9.6 Km (on the map – about 10.5km in real life!)

28th July 2014 – Only a year to go

6 – Barlby to Cliffe  – 11.5 Km

31st August 2014 – a nice run in the sun

7 – Cliffe to Boothferry – 10.7 Km

21st Sept 2014 – A long, long run!

8 – Boothferry to Old Goole – 10.3 Km

5th October 2014 – Round and Round the River Bend!

9 – Goole Bridge to Faxfleet, the end of the Ouse! – 11.2 Km

28th October 2014 – a great birthday and the FINAL run!!

Total Km Run – 89.9 Km

Ahhh Yes, Problem, you might say!

10 – Lake Zurich – Switzerland – 10.1 Km

(This is where I lived for nearly half my life and it seemed a nice way to reach the 100 Km total)

18th April ( Good Friday ) – A Good Day For a Run


Total Km Run – 100 Km

If you would like to sponsor me for this challenge please go  to my sponsor me page for details .


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