Shopping and Supporting!!!

The Ebor and Minster District scouts have some pens and carabiner keyrings to sell

All Ready to Go!

Pens £1

pens (£1)

pens (£1)

Carabiners £2

Karabiners (£2)

Carabiners (£2)


Our unit fundraiser badge is now availableUnit-Badge-3-300x300Please ask me about this if you are interested because then I will be able to raise funds from it too.

In the meantime, WSJ2015 Unit 48 have produced lots of items with our nice unit logo on them, including:

Mugs – £4.50
I have some of these at home if anyone would like to buy one.

Money-boxes @ £5.00 and Pens @ £1.00 are also available now.

You can get these from Unit 48 website directly or I can get them for you.

Unit 48 iPhone cases, keyrings and coasters will be available soon – I don’t have prices yet.

These fabulous bags are newly available and can be bought for £5 on the unit 48 website.


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